Move That Lymph Virtual Lymphedema Toolbox

“Thank you for your creation of and dedication to this group, education and advocacy. I have learned so much since joining. I was diagnosed in 2018 and in the last year I have learned far more and gotten far better care because of the information shared here.” – Cynthia C.

As a member you are now invited to our newest offering called the Move That Lymph For You pop-up community. Within the past six years, Lymphie Strong has grown into a global patient support and advocacy community with thousands of members who live with lymphedema and lymphatic disorders of all types. We know from firsthand experience how challenging living with chronic swelling can be and how it impacts your life in both big and small ways. We are here to help you develop your own lymphedema toolbox.

Become a Pop-Up Community Member and Get Started Aug 30th!

Pop-up community members get access to an exclusive Facebook group and information with personalized attention and limited seating available. Our memberships cost $25.00 and are billed at the start of each 6 week session.